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alrighty tumblr lovers…so trance.

Tomorrow night ill have my first guest list at Circus club in hollywood :) id like to extend the invite to anyone via tumblr to attend on my list! Just send me your name and email and number of guests your bringing either in my drop box here or my facebook (brianne timmons, the one w blonde hair and pink stilletos). Its only 10$ before 1030! Mainly a Trance club but they also spin house, tech house, dubstep, electro, progressive etc. If you’re going to tiesto bring your ticket stub for even more of a discounted price. andddd just say my name or “bris list” at the door. I really hope some of you can be there so I can meet you in person and we can dance the night away! Remember to message me with any questions, concerns or for my number or email to contact me more personally…can’t wait!

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